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  • The Cat's Web here (SusanTheCatsWeb)
  • On Scheme blog
  • Indian Linux Users' Group - Chennai / Madras here (ILUGC)
  • India’s contribution grows as Linux movement gains ground here
  • Bridging the digital divide here
  • ChaosZone! here
  • LÖVE2D here
  • Metlin here
  • POV-Ray here
  • Centum Programming Language here
  • Txti here
  • Pinata here
  • Articles by Diana Eng on Make: here
  • Rentry.co here
  • Cheap Yagi Antennas here
  • Are EdenPure space heaters just a lot of hot air? here
  • Little Linux distro @ the FreeBASIC forum here
  • Size Matters @ Free Pascal wiki here
  • FASM + Free Pascal file size examples here and here 

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