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eMule Links

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eMule Signature


  • Link to my eMule online signature here
  • Ping Frog's eMule Page here 
  • Help using eMule here
  • FAQ for eMule here
  • Fix for Ung├╝ltiger Dateiname OnlineSig error here (German)
  • PeerRates site here
  • ed2k file stats site here
  • Server List for eDonkey & eMule here (server.met) 
  • Download Nodes File for KAD from here  (nodes.dat)
  • Direct download link for eMule Web Services here (webservices.dat) 
  • eMule MODs site here (German)
  • Additional downloads which can be used with eMule here
  • Sharethefiles ed2k links forum here
  • eMule Content Database here containing regularly updated Open-Source and Free Software
  • Direct download link to Online Sig by winki2099 here (988 KB)
  • Jaxx's Online Signature here (French)
  • MobileMule Settings here 
  • Online Signature @ SourceForge here
  • DokuWiki site contains lots of ed2k links here
  • Online Signature Tutorial here (Portuguese)
  • Online Sig @ eMule-Web here (German)
  • Guide to creating a Collection in eMule here (Italian)
  • Check whether your Web Interface is running by visiting this site from the computer that eMule is running on and enter the port number (4711)
  • Jaxx's Online Signature here

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matthew said

at 4:16 pm on Nov 8, 2017

All these links were checked on Wednesday 8th November 2017.

matthew said

at 11:50 am on Jun 10, 2021

All links checked today and a few 'dead' ones were removed.

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