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Record and Convert with youtube-dl and FFMPEG


  • Download youtube-dl from here 
  • MP4 Video to MP3 File Using FFMPEG here
  • How can I convert MP4 video to MP3 audio with FFMPEG? here
  • How to Extract Audio From FLV Files Using VLC here
  • RareWares LAME Bundles here
  • Download MP3Gain from here
  • FFMPEG LAME error: FFMPEG LAME output buffer too small here
  • Zeranoe FFMPEG builds here


Converting from YouTube FLV to MP3 with FFMPEG

ffmpeg -i <INPUT_FILENAME>.mp4 -f mp3 -ab 128k -vn <OUTPUT_FILENAME>.mp3


Converting from YouTube FLV to WMV with FFMPEG

ffmpeg -i <INPUT_FILENAME>.flv -vcodec wmv1 <OUTPUT_FILENAME>.wmv


Converting from M4A Audio to MP3 Audio

 ffmpeg -i <INPUT_FILENAME>.m4a -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128k <OUTPUT_FILENAME>.mp3


Normalizing Audio with MP3Gain

mp3gain /k /r <INPUT_FILENAME>.mp3


Downloading a YouTube video with youtube-dl

youtube-dl -F <YOUTUBE_URL>

youtube-dl -f <VIDEO_FORMAT> <YOUTUBE_URL>




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Updated with MP3Gain information.

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Updated with youtube-dl instructions.

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