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Useful Utilities

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Useful Utilities


  • Updated plugin manager for Notepad++ here
  • HashCheck shell extension here
  • HashTab shell extension here
  • Copy PATH to clipboard here
  • CRC32 (CRC calculator) here
  • Fast File Integrity Checker (MD5 and SHA1 calculator) here
  • Ditto (Clipboard Manager) here
  • ImageMagick (Command-line image manipulation) here
  • Notepad2 (Modified version of Notepad2) here
  • RAMMap (RAM usage viewer) here
  • SpeedFan (System monitor) here
  • TED Notepad (Lightweight notepad replacement) here
  • Wink (Flash presentations) here
  • WizMouse (Mouse utility) here
  • SpeQ Mathematics (Scientific calculator) here
  • AMT (Movie thumbnail creation) here
  • XMPlay (Lightweight music player) here
  • Locate32 (Desktop search) here
  • Contig (Command line disk defragmenter) here
  • IrfanView (Image viewer) here
  • IrfanView PlugIns here


PATH Editors

  • PATHED (Command line tool) here
  • Rapid Environment Editor (GUI tool) here
  • PathED (Lightweight GUI tool) here


Blog & Website Utilities 

  • Revolver Maps (Statistics widget) here
  • HyperCrafter (Free HTML editor) here 


Free File Managers 

  • Multi Commander (Multi-tabbed) here
  • NexusFile (Dual-pane) here
  • Q-Dir (Multi-pane) here

Comments (2)

matthew said

at 9:56 am on Nov 26, 2018

Updated some links but the others will need to be updated in the future.

matthew said

at 3:34 pm on May 22, 2021

All links now open in new tabs, a few links have been removed due to the fact that the websites no-longer exist. :-(

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