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GPG Tutorial

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GPG Tutorial


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  • Checking Fingerprints here
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  • Adding additional comments to your signature here
  • Solving Error "invalid auto-key-locate list" here
  • Solving another error "gpg: invalid armor header:" here
  • Comments added like the following: --comment "Public Key at - http://bit.ly/hRfb9z" --comment "Homepage - http://bit.ly/erbpJY"
  • Error regarding key being newer than signature here
  • How to use a revocation certificate here
  • Generating a revocation certificate with gpg here 


Example: Display GPG usage commands


gpg --help



Example: Digitally signing and Verifying a key


gpg --sign-key KEY
gpg --check-sigs KEY



Example: Verifying a file by its accompanying digital signature file


gpg --verify FILE.sig FILE



Example: Adding a public key from a server


gpg --keyserver KEYSERVER --recv-key KEY



Example: Importing a Public key from a file


gpg --import FILE.asc



Example: Trusting a key


gpg --edit-key EMAIL
gpg --keyserver KEYSERVER --refresh-keys
gpg --list-keys



Example: Signing a file with a separate binary signature file


gpg -b FILE


Example: Verifying a file by its accompanying ASC file


gpg --verify FILE.asc FILE


Example: List private key(s)


gpg --list-secret-keys


Example: Clearsign a TXT document


gpg --clearsign DOCUMENT.txt



Example: Displaying a keys fingerprint


gpg --fingerprint KEY


Example: Importing Private key(s) from an ASC file


gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import FILE.asc



Example: Importing public key(s) from an ASC file


gpg --import FILE.asc


Example: Exporting your public key(s)


gpg --export --armor --output FILE.asc



Example: Reload the agent


gpg-connect-agent reloadagent /bye


Example: Deleting your Private and Public Keys from your Keyring


gpg --delete-secret-key KEY
gpg --delete-key KEY



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