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  • My GitHub page can be found here
  • Instructions for syncing a fork can be found here
  • How do I delete a Git branch both locally and remotely? here
  • Keeping a fork up to date here
  • GitHub's SSH key fingerprints here
  • How to set aliases in the Git Bash for Windows? here
  • Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent here 
  • Working with SSH key passphrases here
  • Setting up TortoiseGit for SSH here 
  • Testing your SSH connection here
  • Online Diff Checker here
  • Location of .profile file C:\tools\msys64\etc\skel\.profile
  • Adding an existing project to GitHub using the command line here
  • Creating a new repository here
  • How to add multiple files in git for a single commit? here


Useful Git Commands  


  • git config --list
  • git config user.name


  • git status -s
  • git add <FILE(S).X>
  • git add -A
  • git commit -m '<COMMENT>'
  • git commit -a -m '<COMMENT>'  
  • git push -u origin master
 Keeping a fork
up to date

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