Ancient Egypt

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  • Total Eclipse remake here
  • Did Ancient Egyptians Use Aircraft in Battle here
  • Pharaoh's Helicopter here
  • Ancient Egyptian Aeronautics by Historian William Deiches here

  • Extensive list of books written by William Deiches and his wife, Jenny Humphrey here
  • Tutankhamun died in a … plane crash? here
  • Landmarks: Ancient Egypt video clips here
    • Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs and Gods clips here
    • Ancient Egypt, Pyramids and Temples clips here
    • Ancient Egypt, Everyday Lives clips here
    • Ancient Egypt, The Nile, Food and Farming clips here
    • Ancient Egypt, Time and Place clips here 
  • Giovanni Battista Belzoni here (Wikipedia)
  • The Paper Age & Ancient Flight here and here
  • King Scorpion here (Wikipedia)




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